Monday, February 13, 2012

Nick - 2012 Senior Portraits {Sherwood High School Senior Portraits}

It's been a while since I've updated this blog.  As I mentioned before, Sara and I are expecting our second baby in less than four months from now! Kinda hard to believe that our life is going to be completely different this summer. Everything has been such a blast with our 2 year old lately! He's learning so much and has such an incredible personality. Tonight we went to Costco and he ran all through the store having a blast. (A toddler can have fun in Costco?!?!) He's such a helper by picking up things and putting them in our cart. And then when we got home, he came in the house and placed things next to the counter in the kitchen as we handed him things by the door. Haha! So funny! I can't wait for him to be a big brother because I know he's going to be an awesome one!

Ok, on to the photos! Nick's mom emailed me a few weeks ago wanting to get senior portraits done for Sherwood High School as well as to have some for themselves. We scheduled a time, hoping that the weather would cooperate. However we were also working with a yearbook deadline that was fast approaching and couldn't really afford to delay because of a 'threat' of rain. The Saturday of choice happened to be great weather all morning, and all the way up until about 3pm. Guess what time the session started..... 3pm!! I swear the rain started coming down as soon as I saw their car pull up.

No worries though, Nick and his mom were troopers!! I've never done a shoot in so much rain! The beginning of the shoot actually went really well and we had some breaks in rain and found some areas under cover. Toward the end though I think Nick and I just embraced the reality that, heck, we live in Oregon, and it rains here!!

What a fun shoot! Thank you for allowing me to take your senior portraits! Good luck with engineering if that's what you choose! Here's where I put in a shameless plug for Oregon State. Go Beavers!! :)