Saturday, August 27, 2011

Christi & Matt Wedding {5 Rock Ranch Wedding Photography}

Christi & Matt had an amazing wedding at 5 Rock Ranch.  First I want to share a little about what 5 Rock Ranch is and why it's such an awesome place.

5 Rock Ranch is a 108 acre ranch out in the hills of the coast range.  As Scott Bradley says in the video below, God gave him a vision to take in fatherless children and he had been doing that for years out of his home.  Now they take in fatherless children and families at the ranch.  They love them, support them, and most importantly share the love of God (our eternal father) with them.  These families have been broken.  Jesus Christ still loves every one of us despite our background.  5 Rock Ranch shows this to these families by showing them the Love that Christ has for them.  It is truly an inspiring place and it is impossible to not see God in the people and the incredible landscape surrounding the ranch.  I strongly encourage you to watch the video below about the ranch. You might shed a tear and it might even challenge you think outside of the little circles we live in.  I know it did for me.  If you would like to help support 5 Rock Ranch you can do so by:

Now onto the wedding!  Christi and Matt had a great wedding.  The weather was perfect, the location was perfect, and everything came together just right!  Christi and Matt lived in Florida up until the wedding but I had the privileged of meeting Matt & Christi for an engagement session at George Rogers Park in Lake Oswego the week before the wedding.  I knew after meeting them that it would be a fun wedding to be a part of.

Matt is in the Air Force and just finished his schooling.  He did so well in school that he had his first choice of aircraft.  Matt will be flying an F-15 protecting his family and his country.  Thank you so much Matt for serving our country!  Christi is a beautiful bride with a glowing smile.  The love between these two was very apparent and made my job easy!

Please pray for Matt and Christi as they go forward in their adventures.  Leave a comment on the blog or on facebook for them if you'd like.  (to leave a comment on facebook you may have to 'like' the page.)  For something a little different i'm sharing the album design from their wedding.  Each image below is a "spread" which is basically what you'd see with the book opened laying flat.  Many images below were taking by my amazing second photographer Stephanie.

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