Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Please Remove Your Shoes

Ever since our son was born we have notice how much dirt shoes can track into the house.  Once he started to crawl, every little speck on the ground was a target for his mouth!  Also, all the chemicals and "who knows what" we step in gets tracked into the house.  Our son doesn't want to eat fertilizer covered cheerios off the floor!

We wanted to find a clever way to hang up a "please remove your shoes" sign and Sara had this great idea.  We could take a picture of all of our bare feet and put it in a frame and hang it by the door.  My wife is pretty crafty so this is a cool project that we can work on together.  I get to do the easy part: take, edit, and print the photo.  She's going to get a frame, paint it, and write on it.  I'll post up a picture when it's all done so you can see the final product.  Here's the photo we're using.  Won't you remove your shoes for this little guy? :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who Is This Jason Guy Anyway? (Part I)

I have been doing some serious thinking about where I want this business to go.  I have ambitions and dreams that I would love to see come to fruition.  One of the goals that I have is to make this business more about the photographer behind the lens than the photographs that I produce.  Don't get me wrong, the photos that I produce will always need to be of a very high quality.  But what separates me from the photographer down the street or in the next town over.  They can shoot incredible photos also.  So why would you choose me as your photographer?  I want it to be because you can somehow connect to who I am as a person and photographer.  My first step in making that connection should be to tell you about myself.  I don't currently have an "about me" page on my website so there is no way for people to know who I am.  So here it goes....

My full name is Jason Wuertz.  I've chosen to name this business Jason Allen Images because if I told you over the phone to type in could you spell it?  I don't think so.  Allen is my middle name.

I've lived in northwest Oregon since I was 5 years old.  This is my home!  I love everything about it.  After graduating from Oregon State University with a BS in Civil Engineering, my wife and I got married.  We've been married for over 5 years now and it's been amazing.  Full of all the ups and downs a marriage brings.  We celebrated our sons one year birthday a few weeks ago.  I have to say, parenthood is the most amazing and challenging thing all at the same time!  He keeps us on our toes!

I have a full time job working for a city public works engineering department.  I mainly do project management for the design and construction of projects that the city does.  This is a great job and I thank God for providing such a wonderful job to support my family with.  I am odd though in that I think I have more of a creative side to me than I do an analytical one.  That is where all my other interests come in to help balance me.

Outside of engineering and photography, I enjoy everything outdoors.  How could you not given this incredible place we live!  If I could go to the mountains or coast every weekend, I would.  Whether it be going off-roading in my 4runner, hiking, climbing a mountain, kayaking, or eating cheese curds at Tillamook Cheese Factory, I love it all!

My interest in photography goes back a while but you're gonna have to wait till the next post to find out more about that.  Ohhh, the suspense!  :)

Part II

Sara, Levi (4 months old) & Jason